European Championships 2007 - Netherlands

It was more then a successful weekend at the Cable Wakeboard European Championships at the Lido of Almere (Netherlands). The sun was shining bright and 118 riders from 15 countries really enjoyed this competition. Spectacular action was brought to more than 8000 spectators from the riders of each category.

Especially for the German team, it was a very successful time – three gold, two silver and three bronze medals was the impressive balance. In the Girls and Boys category, Anna Laura Brabaender and Frederic von Osten won the first medals for the team.

The Girls were ruled by local rider Mayanka Jansen from the Netherlands who did two impressive runs on her home cable! In second place came Victoria Young from the UK. She was pushed forward from an enormous crowd of British guys at the beautiful beach side.

In Boys it was a very hard decision for the judges. Frederic von Osten from Germany, who at last won the title, was in front with 65.83 points followed by Szebasztian Szolath from the Hungarian team with 63.50 points and another local guy, Yves van den Hoff.

In the Junior Ladies category, Maxine Sapulette showed why she was elected as rider of the year in 2006. With two phenomenal runs, she was ruling her category. The others had no real chance against her and she had an advance of more than 10 points before the second Junior Lady, Ginger Pfennings from Germany, and the third, Vivien Katona from Hungary.

Efi Levy is the name from the Israeli rider that won the Junior Men category. It was a very clear result because Efi did two impressive runs and showed James Young (UK) and Stephan Kraus (Germany) who is leading the Junior Men.

The most spectacular and most interesting category was the Opens. The spectators could not believe what they saw at the Open Ladies and Open Men category. A phenomenal Pauline Dyrschka starting for Germany got on the highest position of the podium just before Kinga Horvath from Hungary and Milicia Gluvajic from Serbia. A huge German crowed was putting forward their rider.

In the Open Men, the local spectators went totally crazy when Mike Ketellapper was getting ready for his run. It should have been his day – over 8000 people putting him forward to give his best. And he did it, but crashed in his first run at one of the last obstacles. It seems as if it was not his day - like at the last competitions – in his second lap he also crashed at the first obstacle – the slider. Because of the high risk, he wanted to go in this second lap and because of the whole Lido waiting for his crazy tricks, the judges and organisers decided to let him do one more lap to show what he is able to do. Of course this lap was not counted for the scores, but the local people from Almere went totally crazy when he came in the last corner of the track, directly next to the crowed.

At the end it was Nick Davies from UK - who is known as Sick Nick because of his totally mad runs – who won the gold medal in the Open Men. He did more tricks on this Cable than ever seen before and was leading with more then 20 point before Laurent Peyrichou from France and Peter Pascal Schmidt from Germany.

The last category was the team scoring. It was a very lean calculation, but at least the German team was leading the scores before the team of UK and the home team of the Netherlands.

All in one, the organisers and officials decided that this was the best European Championships that the division cable had ever seen.

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Team Scores

1st   Germany       (3776 Pts.)
2nd  Great Britain  (3520 Pts.)
3rd   Netherlands   (3424 Pts.)
4th   Hungary        (2194 Pts.)

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Top Facts

Total number of Riders: 120
Number of Wakeboarder:
Number of Countries: 15 Countries
Open Men Champ: Nick Davies (Great Britain)
Open Ladies Champ: Pauline Dyrschka (Germany)
Best Country: Germany (3776 Points)
Country with the most riders: Germany (43 rider)

Aditional Information

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