World Championships 2010 - Neubrandenburg, Germany

For the first time since 2001, the IWWF Wakeboard World Championships found their way back to Germany, and along with it, the superstars came to Neubrandenburg: Australia, USA, Israel, Russia, and­ – of course – the European top teams from Great Britain and Holland, they all showed their best wakeboarding tricks to the judges and the 2.500 heads in the audience. The wakeskaters fought for the title “Wakeskate Master Of The Universe” and being host, the German team appeared highly motivated. However, they missed the team title by a mere 40 points, so that one went to Great Britain.

The final day of the IWWF Wakeboard Worlds 2010 easily lived up to the expectations. As qualifications went on it was already easy to see that Sunday’s finals at the Reitbahnlake would be a fabulous event. The most important categories – Junior Men and Open Men – delivered some super-close duels. In a more than tight finish, Nick Davies managed to secure his win slightly in front of Israel’s Lior Sofer. Davies now holds the World Champion titles of both the IWWF and the WWA – Champion of all classes, the man to beat. German Champion Dominik Gührs earned a respectable third place in the Open Men category.

The Junior Men finals were equally exciting; the widely favourited German Junior Champ Frédéric von Osten fell during his first run, but proved to be a real professional when he nailed a picture-perfekt second run. Starting as the fourth rider in the second round of the finals, von Osten managed to easily overtake the acting European Champion Rocco van Straaten (NED). Hamburg-based von Osten delivered the best run of the weekend, collecting 90 points in the process, which would have gotten him a top spot in the Open Men category as well.

In the Open Women category, the title surprisingly went to Kirsteen Mitchell from Great Britain. Multiple World-, and European Champion Maxine Sapulette fell twice during the final runs and had to settle for 7th place.

The German Junior Ladies reached a phenomenal result by collecting all three medals in their class; Sophia Marie Reimers, Cosima Giemza and Anna-Laura Brabänder made sure the top 3 placings went to Team Germany, where they have high hopes of a German World Champion in the Open Women category in the not so distant future.


The wakeskaters’ title was „Master of the Universe“, and again, it was the Junior category that was owned by the German team. Tarik Ghoniem, Marcel Tilwitz and Elias Erkan happily took the medals. However, to be honest & fair, we have to tell you that a little man from England ditched two age categories to go straight for the title World Champion Open Men – at the age of 12. After winning the Wakeboard Boys category on Saturday, 12-year-old Daniel Grant got the chance to showcase his talent in the Open Men class of the wakeskaters. Germany’s wakeskate legend Andy Kolb, and Austrian Kevin Cobb took 2nd and 3rd place.

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Team Scorers


Position Nationality         Points
1 Great Britain 5440
2 Germany 5400
3 Australia 4880
4 Netherlands 3720
5 Israel 1580
6 Austria 1564
7 France 1150
8 Russia 890
9 Ukraine 610
10 Norway 514
11 USA 450
12 South Africa 240
13 Slovenia 204
14 Serbia 20
15 Croatia 10


Position Nationality         Points
1 Germany 2800
2 Australia 1680
3 Netherlands 1240
4 Great Britain 1000
5 Austria 640
6 Israel 480
7 Russia 320
8 USA 320
9 Serbia 240



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Top 10 Facts

Total number of Rider: 168
Number of Wakeboarder:
Number of Wakeskater: 20
Number of Countries: 15
Open Men Champ: Nick Davies (GBR)
Open Ladies Champ: Kirsteen Mitchell (GBR)
Best Country: Germany (8200)
Best Country Wakeboard: Great Britain (5440)
Best Country Wakeskate: Germany (2800)
Country with the most riders: Germany (60 riders)


Additional Information

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