ECWC - Europe & Africa Cable Wakeboard Council

The E&A Cable Wakeboard Council is the governing body of Cable Wakeboarding in Europe and Africa. The Council works under the authority of the IWWF [International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation]. The IWWF consists of three regions: Pan American Region (PANAM); Asia-Australia-Oceania (AAO) and Europe & Africa (E&A).

Simone Sivieri President

 Aaron Armborst Member

Varna Laco 
Admincom member

 Lucien Gerkau Member

   Manuel Orlando Treasurer

Suzi Nighti
ngale Secretary

Roy Ben Natan Co-Opted Member in 2017
email to be advised

 Phillip Turba  Rider's Representive
email to be advised


Former ECWC members:

 Nenad Tanaskovic (member 2006-2013)

 Natascha Adalina Plesner Kiel (member 2011-2013)

 Carole Marmonier Member

 Alex Koester Live Streams (Ex Member)
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