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Ukkohalla visit and judge seminar

So we went to Ukkohalla for a Judge Seminar and small Promotour at the cable and it was awesome. First of all, it feels really weird to not have any darkness during night...

Fredy von Osten rides the waves to win

At the third stop of the German Wake Masters Tour in Körkwitz riders had to fight with strong wind and high waves. Frederic von Osten showed off his consistent dominance...

International competitions for World Ranking 2009

For the new CWWC World Ranking you can earn points on all registered international Events and your National Championships. The best ranked rider will be awarded with prize money at the end of this season and has the chance for additional support by the industry.

The new Ranking System

The new system for 2009 CWWC International and National Rankings
Cable Wakeboard World Council (CWWC) considered the new ranking system through 2008 and with a valuable feedback from riders, officials and media partners created and announced the new ranking system for 2009.

Maxine gets her own J-Star Pro Series

A wakeboard and a vest with your own name… Which wakeboarder doesn’t dream about this? For some American and Australian riders this became reality already

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