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Judge Seminars 2010


Wake the Pool 2010

The first competition of the year was held last weekend at the Beach & Boat Fair in Leipzig, Germany. Not only was it the first contest of the year but also the first official indoor-event using a "Bro in the Box" 2 Tower system by Rixen. 

World Trophy 2010

Cable Wakeboard World Trophy with 225.000 US Dollar cash prize so far
This news should get everyone in the mood for more and provoke the wish for the season to start. But patience needs to be exercised because this year's tour won't start that early in season.

EAME renamed E&A

The region formerly known as EAME (Europe, Africa and Middle East) has been renamed to E&A (Europe and Africa). The Middle East is from now on part of AA (Asia and Australia) region.

Rider of the Year 2009

E&A Cable Wakeboard Council of the IWWF announced the 
E&A rider of the year 2009. Read more to find out who won...

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